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Apple Compact Keyboard

While Apple’s full-size keyboards have dedicated Home, End, Page Up, & Page Down keys, their compact keyboards (such as those found on laptops) do not. Instead, they double-up the function of some keys. Apple does not label the second function of all the keys, so not everyone realizes their full potential!

When you hold the function (fn) key and press certain keys on Apple keyboards, it makes those keys act differently. It activates their alternate function. Here are the common ones you should know:

  • Page Up is fn-Up Arrow
  • Page Down is fn-Down Arrow
  • Home is fn-Left Arrow
  • End is fn-Right Arrow
  • Enter (in the number pad of a full keyboard) is fn-Return
  • Delete Right (also called Forward Delete) is fn-Delete

Be sure to check out my Mac keyboard shortcuts page for many more tips and tricks like this!

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