What Are InDesign Scripts?

InDesign scripts let you do amazing things by automating InDesign's existing features. They enable you to do things faster and easier, even though they can't add new features to InDesign (a plug-in is required to do that). Because scripts use native InDesign features, you never have to worry about file compatibility. Other InDesign users (such as printers) do not have to have the script installed to read your files.

Scripts typically work great in new versions of InDesign, often without updates. Using scripts is easy, and you do not have to know how they work or how to create them. Just install and use them like many other features in InDesign.

I write scripts using JavaScript (technically called ExtendScript), so they work on Mac and PC.

How to Install InDesign Scripts

You just have to copy the files into the right place. Learn How Right Arrow

Custom InDesign Scripting

Have an idea for a script? Maybe I can write it for you. Learn More Right Arrow