About Scripting

InDesign lets you control it through scripting. Scripting cannot create new features that InDesign doesn’t already have, but scripts can automate tedious tasks and dramatically reduce the time it takes to do something. I write InDesign scripts with JavaScript (technically called ExtendScript). I do not write AppleScript or VBScript. While those languages have advantages in certain situations, JavaScript is the best choice for my work because it’s cross-platform (the scripts work on Mac and PC).

Custom Scripting For Hire

If you perform a task repetitively, a script can probably do it for you, easier and faster! If you have something you think I can help with, please email me at dan(at)danrodney(dot)com

All Ideas Welcome

Even if you can’t afford to pay for the development time involved, you may have an idea for a script that would benefit others (not a custom workflow). In that case I’d still love to hear from you. Send your ideas to dan(at)danrodney(dot)com