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User Guide

I’ve made a PDF User Guide that includes installation instructions, directions on usage, frequently asked questions, and more. It’s included with your purchase, but you can also download it below.

Pro Version User Guide

Lite Version User Guide

Most Commonly Asked Support Question

Question: The script is not working. I double–click the script but nothing happens. What’s wrong?

Answer: Updating to Proper Fraction Pro 2.1 should fix this bug. If you did not receive that free update, please send an email to the address above. In the meantime, your can fix your current version by rebuilding InDesign's preferences, which will allow the script to work properly again. Here’s how to reset InDesign’s prefs:

  1. Quit InDesign if it’s running.
  2. Launch InDesign.
  3. Immediately after launching hold down the following keys:
    Mac Users: Command-Option-Control-Shift
    Windows Users: Control–Alt-Shift
  4. If you held those keys down fast enough after launching InDesign, you will be asked if you want to delete InDesign’s Preference files. Click Yes.
  5. Run the script again, it will now function normally.

NOTE: Because InDesign’s preferences were deleted, be sure to reset any default preferences you previously set while no documents are open.