Multitouch gestures let your fingers do cool stuff on Mac Laptops and the Magic Trackpad. Some of the gestures must be enabled in System Preferences.


Action Gesture
Scroll Up/Down/Left/Right 2-Finger Swipe Up/Down/Left/Right
Right-Click (same as Ctrl-Click) 2-Finger Click
Open & Close Notification Center 2-Finger Swipe from the right side of the trackpad
Lookup Word in Dictionary 3-Finger Tap on the Word
Open Launchpad Pinch with Thumb and 3 Fingers
Zoom In or Out on the Screen
(Turn on in System Preferences > Accessibility)
Hold Control and 2-Finger Swipe Up or Down

Quick Look Work in Finder & Open/Save Dialogs

Action Gesture
Open Quick Look 3–Finger Tap on a File
Zoom In or Out within Quick Look Pinch Open or Closed

Mission Control

Action Gesture
Open & Close Mission Control 3–Finger Swipe Up/Down
Switch between full-screens apps or spaces 3–Finger Swipe Left/Right
Show Desktop (Push All Windows Aside) Spread with Thumb and 3 Fingers
(Pinch to restore)
Show all windows in the current app (App Exposé) 3-Finger Swipe Down
3-Finger Swipe Up to Exit


Action Gesture
Go Back/Forward 2-Finger Swipe Left/Right
Zoom Out (Decrease Font Size) Pinch
Zoom in (Increase Font Size) Spread (Reverse Pinch)
Smart Zoom 2–Finger tap on the content you want to enlarge
Preview a Link 3–Finger tap on a link


Action Gesture
Go to Previous/Next (Day, Week, Month, or Year)
(Works like Cmd-Left/Right Arrow)
2-Finger Swipe Left/Right


Action Gesture
Rotate 2-Finger Rotate (in either direction)
Zoom In or Out Pinch or Spread
Flip through Multiple Images/Pages 2-Finger Swipe Up/DownLeft/Right


Action Gesture
Scrub Backward/Forward through the Video 2-Finger Swipe Left/Right (or Up/Down)
Exit Fullscreen Pinch
Enter Fullscreen Spread

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