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We often need to switch between the content (text or photo) and the frame it’s in (the box). Here are some tips to quickly switch back and forth between the content and its container.

The written instructions are below, but here’s a video showing the techniques:

Selecting the Container Frame

When the cursor is in text, you can select the container frame by pressing Esc.

This also works when you have a photo selected. Press Esc to select the container frame.

You can also double-click on a photo to switch back and forth between the photo content and the container frame.

The Esc keystroke works when the cursor is in a table cell, but it will select the containing table cell rather than the text frame.

Selecting Content in a Frame

When you’re using the Selection tool and want to edit text in a frame, double-click on the frame to switch into the Type tool and place the cursor in the text.

With a picture frame selected, pressing Shift–Esc will select the photo inside. Why we wouldn’t just double-click on the photo? That would work for a single image. But imagine you have multiple picture frames, and you want to remove the current photos and put in new ones. To do that you would:

  • Select all the picture frames with the Selection tool .
  • Press Shift–Esc to select all the photos within the frames.
  • Press Delete to remove all the photos, but keep all the frames!

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