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Formatting Fractions Was a Tedious Task, Until Now

When I discovered that InDesign was missing a way to make fractions (like Quark’s Make Fraction) I created Proper Fraction (a free download to the right). Just select a fraction, like 1/8, double-click the script and you get a properly styled fraction. That works great for a few fractions, but I didn’t stop there. I went on to create Proper Fraction Pro, the likes of which has never been seen before.

It Finds the Fractions!

Proper Fraction Pro can automatically format all fractions in an entire document, story or selection! My laptop formats over 25 fractions a second. That’s 150+ fractions in under 6 seconds!

Better Looking Fractions

Scaled down fraction characters typically appear thinner than surrounding characters. Proper Fraction Pro strokes the numerator and denominator for a more balanced thickness and better looking fraction. Great for non-OpenType fonts!

Custom Kerning

You can define kerning pairs to control space before and after the slash. These settings can even be applied to a specific font for the ultimate in control.

Works With All Fonts

Proper Fraction Pro can apply OpenType’s fraction formatting directly to fractions, avoiding issues such as whole numbers being mistakenly formatted as fractions. If you don't work with OpenType fonts it's no problem. Proper Fraction Pro will still produce great looking fractions.

Set Your Own Preferences

A preferences window lets you easily control how the script formats your fractions.

Date Detection

Dates (like 8/6/12) could easily be mistaken for fractions, but Proper Fraction Pro detects them and avoids formatting them.

Quickly Pays For Itself

Proper Fraction Pro costs just $75. Considering all the time it will save, it will pay for itself in no time. One user spent 3 hours “manually” formatting 20 pages of fractions before finding Proper Fraction Pro. He finished the remaining 180 pages in under 10 minutes using Proper Fraction Pro, saving 27 hours of work!

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“If you find yourself setting lots of fractions, you owe it to yourself to buy this product.”

5/5 Rating “A Must-Have”