Widow Fixer 1.0 The Quickest & Easiest Way to Fix Widows in InDesign

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Fixing Widows Was a Tedious Task, Until Now

InDesign doesn’t have an easy way to fix those pesky single words that are on their own line. Solutions most people use (forced line breaks, Shift-Returns, non-breaking spaces, etc.) are time consuming and can lead to problems later if the text reflows. That’s why I developed Widow Fixer, an easy way to fix widows throughout an entire document with just a few clicks.

How Do We Fix Widows in InDesign?

At the end of a paragraph we don’t want the last word to be alone on a line. This can be fixed by keeping the previous word with it. While InDesign doesn’t have a feature specifically meant to do this, it can be done if you know how! The problem is the last space in a paragraph is a place where the line can break. If we tell that space it cannot break, then the two last words must stay together. To do this automatically we can use a feature within paragraphs styles called nested GREP styles. GREP lets us do advanced searches. With it we can find the last space in a paragraph, and then apply a character style that tells it not to break.

Run Once and Forget About It

Unlike many solutions which stop working if the text is changed and reflowed, GREP styles work constantly. Regardless of how many text changes are made, once Widow Fixer has done its job, you don’t have to worry about it again.

How Does Widow Fixer Work?

You choose which paragraph styles you want to “fix.” If you haven't used paragraph styles, you can fix the [Basic Paragraph] style and that should fix all the text in your document. Widow Fixer handles everything else, adding the nested GREP style to your desired paragraph styles. I use a custom coded GREP style that is unique to Widow Fixer. It has been specially crafted to ensure it works regardless of punctuation and other special characters, unlike some other solutions I have seen.

Quickly Pays For Itself

Widow Fixer costs just $10. Considering all the time it will save, it will pay for itself in no time. Let Widow Fixer do the tedious work, so you can spend more time being creative.

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