iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Tips & Tricks

I like to figure out the fastest way to do things. I hope the following tips, shortcuts and gestures will help you become the power user that lies within. Have fun unlocking the full potential of your iOS device! Most of these shortcuts should work on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, but there may be slight differences across devices.

Typing & Working with Text

Easily type a period at the end of a sentence
Double-tap the Spacebar (or press the Spacebar with two fingers at the same time).
Turn on Caps Lock
Double-tap the Shift key. The key turns blue to indicate it is locked.
Open Magnifier (Loupe)
Tap and Hold on text.
Type a different domain suffix
Hold down the .com button. A popup will appear with .net, .edu and .org buttons. Slide your finger to one and then release.
Type alternate character (such as é or ñ)
Hold down a letter on the keyboard. A popup will appear with various versions of the character. Slide your finger to one and then release.
Quickly type a single character found on the numeric keyboard
Normally you switch keyboards by tapping the .?123 button, typing the number/punctuation and switching back to the alphabet keyboard by tapping the ABC button. But there’s a faster way! Instead of tapping the .?123 button, press and hold it, then slide your finger to the desired character and release. You’ll be automatically switched back to the alphabet keyboard instead of remaining on the numeric one.
Undo Typing
Shake the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Safari (Web Browsing)

Quickly get address bar back, or quickly scroll to top of page
Tap the Status bar at the top of the screen. (Works in other apps, not just Safari.)
Zoom In
Double-Tap or Pinch Open
Zoom Out
Double-Tap or Pinch Closed
Save images
Tap and Hold an image until some buttons appear. Tap Save Image. The downloaded image can be found in Photo app’s Camera Roll.
Call a phone number from Safari
Tap the phone number and it will dial it.
Get URL Hint
Tap and Hold a link to see the actual URL and the page title of the linked page.
Scrolling webpages
Use one finger to scroll the entire webpage. Use two fingers to scroll a frame on a webpage.


Delete Message
Swipe Across a Message, then Tap Delete.
(Works in some other apps, not just Mail.)

Phone Controls & Calling

Stop an incoming call from ringing.
Press the Sleep/Wake button.
Send an incoming call directly to voice mail.
Press the Sleep/Wake button twice.

Music Controls

Quickly access pause, volume, skip buttons, etc while in other apps, including the lock screen
Double-click the Home button.
In iOS 4 or later, the app switcher will appear. Swipe to the left (drag finger from left to right) to see the iPod controls and a Screen Orientation Lock.

iPhone’s Earbud Clicker Controls

Answer an incoming call.
Pinch once. (Then to hang up pinch once.)
Send incoming call to voicemail.
Pinch twice.
Pause/Resume playing music
Pinch once to pause, pinch again to resume.
Go to next song.
Pinch twice.
Go to previous song (or the beginning of a song if more than 3 seconds into it).
Pinch three times.

Taking Screenshots

Take Screenshot
Press and release the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. The screen will flash to indicate the screenshot was taken. The screenshot is added to the Photo app’s Camera Roll.

Force Quit, Reset, Etc.

Force Quit an app
Hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears, then hold the Home button until the app quits.
Reset/Reboot. Use if the Device locks up and becomes unresponsive. Only do this if it does not turn off and back on normally.
Hold the Sleep/Wake and the Home buttons at the same time for 10 or more seconds, until you see the Apple logo.


Quickly scroll to the top (of a webpage, mail message, etc.)
Tap the status bar at the top of the screen.
Open Spotlight page (to do a global search)
Swipe to reveal the page (to the left of the 1st home screen) or press the Home button while on the 1st home screen.
Start Voice Control
Press and hold the Home button for a few seconds and Voice Control will appear. Then speak commands such as Call John Doe Mobile and it will make call for you! There is no voice training required to use this cool feature.

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